Thursday, December 30, 2010

Change the fuel of politics from power to Reason

The concept of power and authority should be replaced by plain human Reason for running democratic governments. Who says power and authority are inevitable evils for running the human task of politics?

Can't it be run the way medical science run health domain of life? Or Nuclear scientists run their research projects for finding energy alternatives? Democracy can easily be shifted to a scientific platform for running the collective affairs of human societies from its existing traditional platform that run on the fuel of power! Medicine also was in the hands of traditional forces in human society before science took over it.

This is the first and the foremost task that human rights organizations, the United nations organization and all the intelligent men on earth must concentrate all their attention and creative imagination, on urgent footing. It is a life changing image shift that mankind's collective wisdom and rational energy has to be put in with all seriousness.

Yes - -the task could be difficult, as well as dangerous - - like an attempt to drag away a piece of meat from the mouth of a lion - - as power has become a life style, and a staple food for the political leadership on earth. But man's scientific spirit was able to defeat and eradicate many such evil practices from human societies, like the practice of witch-hunt in Europe and the enforced suicide of wives in the pyre of  husbands(sati) in India. We need to sternly remind our politicians that they are people like us first, and it is they who should take the first initiative for this fuel shift on politics.

How do human rights activities indirectly legitimize our power oriented political system?

Human rights activities are like fire fighting. Here in democracy, such acts indirectly accepts the existence of fire events, a kind of legitimizing the danger. The best course is to ensure the vanishment of fire.

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Let all the civil society members join and work together for the cause of reinventing democracy. This initiative would definitely enable mankind to redefine the lives of people in future. 

By: Conscience of the society-a non-profit that stands for philosophic initiatives into causes of Reason,Fraternity and reinvented democracy.