Monday, May 18, 2015

Kejriwal must project this fight to expose the evil of the highly politicized democracy

There is no escape for Kejriwal but to face this on-going fight with the BJP ruled central govt, and their agent, Hon. Lt.Governor.

But, better he always remember that, his chief goal behind entering politics was, besides ending corruption, to put-an end to the existing style of political practice, which is 100% politics and 0% governance !

Where is time and strategy for country governance when the entire term of 5 years is spent on saving one's ground from the tricks of opposition parties ?  The one and only mission and vision of every political-party when in opposition is, to create causes and events to topple the ruling-side !

Enough is enough with our excessive permeation of politics into every sphere of human-life ! It is time for citizens'-class to open their eyes towards the sheer waste of time, energy and even country's history on such empty political drama !

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Monday, May 11, 2015

The attitude of other political parties and media towards AAP is pure contempt towards peoples' class !

Mainstream is abuzz with news against Aam Admi party,( AAP) sometimes unleashed by media, and at other times by other major political parties. While media can always escape from the guilt of their prejudiced reporting on the pretext of just 'reporting' what happens in the world, by smartly concealing the naked fact that, the source of such reports are carefully chosen by the 'objective' media-men to project a particular picture of their interest, whether it about  socio-political trends and generalization, persons or events. If they wanted to crate a different picture, or a different generalization about world, people or event, they were at complete creative liberty to search out such source of news and stories, and achieve their goal at will ! This is the real media freedom  and power to create or destroy the world, people or any peoples' institution or initiative ! But they always cover themselves under the veil of 'objectivity', keeping it to themselves that such 'objectivity' is in fact purely a user defined quality.

Media, accustomed to dealing with seasoned and traditional political leaders and parties, suffer from a sense of contempt and disdain towards the new entrants into the field, that too from the club of ordinary citizens in the street ! Whether media deny it or not, it is one of the chief reasons behind media's contempt towards AAP, though their having been 'engaged' by interested political and other players also can not be ruled-out, as alleged by Arvind Kejriwal !

It is a day light fact that, media has real power to make or break individual citizens, political or corporate entities, institutions and initiatives in modern world, by the simple method of talking positively or negatively, but repeatedly  in the market place of information. Here, media's role is like that of a large black board, or a digital news board fitted above the world; whatever media inscribe there every minute, every day 24x7  would be what defines and color that of men, institutions, initiatives and events in the world.

If this power of media was an unreal myth, it wouldn't have turned a magnet for billions of dollar business from the manufacturing and service industry, who pump their infinite number of products and services into the market, exclusively through the media sources. ( Please share our blogs that delve deeply into media role, at links:  

Attitude of other political parties towards AAP 

Besides the above described plain contempt towards the party of ordinary citizens in the street, established political parties also suffer from a real sense of 'threat' of sharing their habitat by a stranger, ie. the fear of their resources getting shared with the new entrant. It is similar to the hostility of a pack of stray-dogs in any particular street-corner, towards a new stray who attempts to enter the territory ! The threat of sharing the limited food and other resources is the 'survival' related, natural hostility towards the new entrant !

Here AAP, who has come to the arena to alter the the very archaic, above described features of modern political practice, should take all the care NOT to fall into the same mold of routine political institution, like what others are engaged in, ignoring people, country and mankind. The institutional and hierarchic compulsions and priorities of modern-day Politics is what damage the very fabric of  democracy, and destroys its very goal, values and meaning.

AAP must overwhelmingly come-out verbally and institutionally to address the very purpose for which they have entered Indian political scene, ie, to alter its very features and characters.

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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Current rift in AAP: False myths about Democracy in the modern world

Despite the availability of varied view-points in newspapers and TV discussions these days on the recent rift in AAP, ( the new political party formed by Arvind Kejriwal, a common man who genuinely sought bottom-level change in the existing wrong political practices) common citizens in the country, or even the class of intellectuals fail to arrive at right and balanced conclusion as to whom, or what to blame for the sad turn of events ! Though the Political out-fit was the brain-child of Arvind Kejriwal and his close associates of his 'Parivartan' ( an NGO he formed to fight corruption in Politics during late 1990s) days, other prominent men like Adv.Prashant Bhushan and Journalist Yogendra Yadav joined the movement in due course. No doubt, joining of these eminent men of mind and ideas at a later stage had given AAP its much needed mainstream avatar.

Now, after the recent unbelievable electoral mandate( 67 seats out of the total 70) received by the party in the recent Delhi State election, questions arose as to who all should share the glory and fruits of the unprecedented victory, and the political power that followed.

Unfortunately, there still exist the remnants of the old myths around the Power-Thrones that once Kings and his likes occupied, its goodies and glory around the Democratic seats of power too ! This is in spite of the fact  and high-claims that, democracy is purely a political system of EQUAL-MEN ! Therefore, such questions and issues about the balanced sharing of Power is natural.

No one could bear the thought that such high and unimaginable grab on the Power-Seat is going to any one-person of the group that labored-together to set it up ! The cries and out-bursts about such NO-CURE imbalances in the name of democratic injustices will be common, as it has happened here too.The 'power' attained was the prize of the collective effort, therefor, how could only one person enjoy it as his-own ?

Here,those who were agitated about the recent incident and cried out that,'democracy' has been murdered, as if to hint that democracy is a pious and noble something, were absolutely wrong ! Modern democracy, unfortunately has no such piousness to claim ! It has become something like the concept of old socialism, about which we were taught in our history classes during the college days that ' it was like a cap worn by many, hence that lost its original shape' !

Whatever the professional men who are engaged in the game of modern politics is added to the various features of democracy and its practice, in a never ending process ! Its bottom essence and morals have not been defined or clarified so far.( Please see more on this tragedy from link:

  What exists today is only certain famous symbols about its functioning, like the periodic elections, the freedom of dissent allowed by the ruling party to the opposition parties and to the general public, the free-press, the independent judiciary etc. There is nothing binding on the occupiers of its throne, with regard to what really they should represent, and bestow to the people ! It has more to do with the art and science of politics itself, than anything genuinely relevant and meant to its real END, the people !

What its practitioners engaged-in is plain scramble for political power, without which they can not think of occupying the seats of the mainstream, and bring-forth their passionate,  but of course subjective view of progress and development, or delivering their subjective view about freedom, liberty and equality to people. It is a necessary evil, because its bottom morals, goals and rationale, vis-a-vis-people are not yet been clearly defined. That is why some who occupy the Power-seat disturb the entire scene with their authoritarian ways, or usher-in 'development' at the high-cost of the rights and liberty of people, as in the case of the ex.Singapore ruler Lee Kuan. His model of State-craft, wherein the State as a stand-alone entity achieve 'success' and development, is being emulated by many world-leaders.Such a model thrives on the philosophy that, people, after all do not need anything else than food, shelter and cloth. They are mere passive subjects of the more predominant reality- the State. Our blog post referred above, about modern states usurping the individual citizens deserves its relevance.

There need not have any two opinions about one-thing, ie. about the very subjective notions and views about 'development' that each democratic leader keeps. Democracy is only a practical and inevitable medium ( or a means)  for enabling one-leader , or a political group to implement his/their subjective ways. In a recent article in Hindustan Times by veteran Media-leader Rajdeep Sardesai showed with ample examples that, every political party in India is one man, or one family centered ! It is the existential truth ( or evil?)of modern democracy. In such an existential truth about modern democracy, what the well learned and wise Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan have done to the movement that they all had collectively built-up, was absolutely naive and childish !

A movement, be it be the freedom movement of India by Gandhiji, or the recent re-launching of BJP into the center-stage of Indian politics by Narendra Modi; loses its very base character and direction when the reign of the State moves into other hands !Those co-leaders, active in any movement, must show the sagacity and wisdom to understand this very existential fact about all human-initiatives. If these co-leaders try to abduct the movement and make it the movement of one of them, in order to share the glory of all its achievements, it is equal to killing the very movement !

Understanding democracy as a public-platform of every leading figure to implement his or her way and sub-ideas would be self-destructive,and inability to recognize the very basics of every collective movement of human-beings ! During the building-up stage of the very movement, arriving at a very clear and distinct mission statements and objectives was the only sensible step to work-together. For Gandhi and others, freeing India from the British rule was a very distinct, clear and singular goal, and the method that Subhash Chandra Bose had stood for was obviously impractical and radical for the day. So, the latter opted to move-out of camp that Gandhiji had led.

At least now, Kejriwal could strive for such a distinct and clear mission and goal document, which could be used as a mother-value reference paper for all actions and polices of the party to be adhered to, or to be made consistent to. Under such an arrangement, the goal and mission naturally become more central and relevant, than any one individual. 

Kejriwal at least had such a clear vision about the role of the State and its commitment to people, which was refreshingly different and inspiring !. The need of the hour is to prepare a distinct and clear value and mission statement,and publish it in the public domain. Every citizen could then check consistency of whatever his government does, with the said public value, policy and mission statement for their adherence and logical consistency. 

Constitutions of nations serves the same purpose. Adhering to its base values and doctrines should have been the sacred and unalterable norm and value of every government and political parties. Such a document should remain as the ultimate reference document, most centrally for its inherent VALUES.

Posted by: Abraham J. Palakudy : An  independent philosophy and polity research ( non-profit) initiative 

Thursday, December 26, 2013

How Kejriwal's thumping electoral victory can be a game-changer for world-democracy ?

Kejriwal's entry into politics is the re-entry of 'people's' class in democracy !

India, the largest democracy in the world, is at the verge of creating new lessons and precedents into modern democracy. Democracy was not a people's form of government for many centuries, as agents and forces of political power had crept into the system long ago.It made democracy a fake model, and a grave self-deception of our age.  It was fit to be called democracy only for the reason that instead of Kings and monarchs, it was members from peoples' class that who sat on the power-thrones.Unfortunately for the modern age, these peoples representatives were engaged in the same evil activities that  rulers of  the previous regimes like Kings and monarchs were usually engaged into !

Mr.Kejriwal's unexpected entry into Indian democracy might fulfill the dream of a REINVENTED DEMOCRACY for the country, as well as for world over. The reinvented democracy can well alter the lives of people for better, as it was the scramble for power by the professional class of politicians the chief cause of all the ills of the world, like inequality of income and status, poverty, crime, and even war and conflicts. Instead of man's collective wisdom and reason running the state, it was the straight scramble for power that ruled the democratic exercise in the world for long. Now Mr.Kejriwal and his men, a group who are straight from the class of common man, can alter the history of democratic practice in the world.

His recent win in the Delhi Assembly election ( Feb,2015) with 95% majority ( won 67 out of the total 70 seats !) could give game-changing  precedents to Democratic-system of the entire world ! Every country in the wold could attempt to oust professional Political class from the realm of democracy, and induct real citizens, representing ordinary men into this important sphere.

What factors of  Kejriwal team could achieve the above task ?

1) The plank under which they entered the public realm, ie. agitation against governmental corruption.They did not enter politics as usual, claiming to represent any economic, social, cultural or caste group,but it was representing the entire mass of people who have been suffering from their deprivation of dignity and voice. What they were under was a sham democracy, wherein people's name was used only for symbolic purpose; as an empty slogan on it flags !   

2) The background of men: Every elected representative is straight from  ordinary families, not at all different in any sense from the voice deprived great mass of people.

3) Their well declared governance priorities: Mr. Kejriwal made it clear that the chief priority of his team would be to alter the old style of governance; ie. the elected representatives getting secluded as a special class of elites, living in palatial bungalows, going around under escort of fire-weapons trotting security guards, and travelling in red-beacon fitted cars. He reiterates his plan to consult people directly in all  major administrative and policy issues. He has already invited honest and whistle blower type bureaucrats in the office to come forward and assist him in clean governance. There need not be any doubt about ordinary man's accessibility to the governmental facilities and offices, and for letting their voice heard at needy times. 

4) What he represents is the frustration and deprivation of one billion people of the country, who have been suffering from the ills of a falsely declared form of PEOPLES GOVERNMENT, where they had no voice, role or identity, except as voting commodity to sustain the rotten system. Mainstream media always gave the general impression that what they had was the genuine model , and the deprivations and ignominy was its usual feature. 

5)  The entire Delhi seems aware of the great opportunity to have a changed system: With the typical POLITICS ridden methods of traditional political parties, it is impossible to escape from their compulsions of vote-bank, commitment to Election-Funders, and the inter-party hierarchical tussles. Here, Mr.Kejriwal is free-from all the above compulsions, so he represents simply the anguish and pain of every citizen to have a RULE by men like him, or by a class of people that resembles his class !

The important tasks before him  

1) Being politics the most gigantic economic entrepreneurship that one man, or a group can think of, by way of its vast opportunity to control the entire wealth of  the country, its attraction is hugely dangerous ! Therefore, the ones who were traditionally in power for many decades and their various cartels will not sit resigned and idle, waiting  for Kejriwal to set different rules of the game . These dark forces will definitely attempt to disturb the atmosphere in the typical dirty political way. Every Indian is now aware of the  intentionally created communal tension, and other usual techniques these forces are well trained to unleash in society, to re-capture political power. Mr.Kejriwal must keep his eyes open towards these threats. He must get hold of honest men in the security departments of government also in his fold, and thwart these dangers. 

2) Along with the VIP culture of the political class, similar culture and attitude of  the industry and business class also should fall under Mr.Kejriwal' priority. Business is done in the country to expand one's personal space. Once a few men expand  their own personal space, the space left for majority other men naturally gets shrunk. This is the plain explanation for income and status inequality in the country. Hence, a very clear industry and business policy must be introduced wherein there should be restrictions at profit margins, and profit volumes. Kindly share our specific philosophic suggestions from blog link:

 Similarly, there could be a capping on the 'salary-difference' between the lowest paid and the highest paid in the country. This huge difference of salary and wages is what creates huge income,living standard and social dignity levels of citizens.

When the rich becomes more rich, naturally the space for millions of other men get shrunk,and they get thrown out of the mainstream of life. This becomes a social calamity, and it is what gets resulted in criminality, frustrations, stress and mental diseases.   

Like the example of Delhi Metro, where every citizen was accorded with quality service without class differentiation, every other product and service in the country like Hotels, cars, housing, apparel and foot-wear, household appliances, medical treatment etc could also go the Delhi Metro way, by legally restricting a product or service going beyond a certain luxury level. The millions spent on this account of excess luxury could  thus be saved, and used for ensuring standard facilities for every citizens in an equitable manner. It should be taught in schools and colleges that whenever one aspires for more than what the other person has, it creates social tension. This common sense law of nature must be made part of our collective culture and tradition, so that our future generation will not suffer. 

3) Lessons of Democracy must be part of school and college syllabus, so that it gets free from the threshold of professional political class. If needed, every citizen in the country should be a trained administrator of collective affairs of community. Our blogs: explains this strategy, so that we achieve a politics free democracy in future ! 

4) Media is the most game changing agent in every political or social change enterprise. Its leaders must be invited for serious discussion on their role in nation making. They must be de-addicted from the role they were engaged in so far, with 'paid-news' like evils. They must be reminded of their vital role in bringing in the changes listed above, for nation's as well as for humanity's sake. The very syllabus of Journalism course should be revised so that the future journalists can come out as true representatives of human reason, wisdom and common sense, instead of  civilization damaging, ' news reporting' machines. News reporting agenda transforms the world into a 'news-dungeon', where journalists land in like vultures to devour news, and nothing else. They shun themselves from any social or civilization-oriented responsibility !

Aam Aadmi Party's ( Meaning 'Common man's party'-AAP) entry into Indian Democracy could be a true game changer for world democratic practice. 

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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Change the fuel of politics from power to Reason

The concept of power and authority should be replaced by plain human Reason for running democratic governments. Who says power and authority are inevitable evils for running the human task of politics?

Can't it be run the way medical science run health domain of life? Or Nuclear scientists run their research projects for finding energy alternatives? Democracy can easily be shifted to a scientific platform for running the collective affairs of human societies from its existing traditional platform that run on the fuel of power! Medicine also was in the hands of traditional forces in human society before science took over it.

This is the first and the foremost task that human rights organizations, the United nations organization and all the intelligent men on earth must concentrate all their attention and creative imagination, on urgent footing. It is a life changing image shift that mankind's collective wisdom and rational energy has to be put in with all seriousness.

Yes - -the task could be difficult, as well as dangerous - - like an attempt to drag away a piece of meat from the mouth of a lion - - as power has become a life style, and a staple food for the political leadership on earth. But man's scientific spirit was able to defeat and eradicate many such evil practices from human societies, like the practice of witch-hunt in Europe and the enforced suicide of wives in the pyre of  husbands(sati) in India. We need to sternly remind our politicians that they are people like us first, and it is they who should take the first initiative for this fuel shift on politics.

How do human rights activities indirectly legitimize our power oriented political system?

Human rights activities are like fire fighting. Here in democracy, such acts indirectly accepts the existence of fire events, a kind of legitimizing the danger. The best course is to ensure the vanishment of fire.

We invite you to visit our non-profit's blog site :

for the  post called 'why human rights to be concessions from the state' for more details on this theme. This blog spot has many other posts also giving other aspects of the theme of reinventing democracy.

Let all the civil society members join and work together for the cause of reinventing democracy. This initiative would definitely enable mankind to redefine the lives of people in future. 

By: Conscience of the society-a non-profit that stands for philosophic initiatives into causes of Reason,Fraternity and reinvented democracy.