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How Kejriwal's thumping electoral victory can be a game-changer for world-democracy ?

Kejriwal's entry into politics is the re-entry of 'people's' class in democracy !

India, the largest democracy in the world, is at the verge of creating new lessons and precedents into modern democracy. Democracy was not a people's form of government for many centuries, as agents and forces of political power had crept into the system long ago.It made democracy a fake model, and a grave self-deception of our age.  It was fit to be called democracy only for the reason that instead of Kings and monarchs, it was members from peoples' class that who sat on the power-thrones.Unfortunately for the modern age, these peoples representatives were engaged in the same evil activities that  rulers of  the previous regimes like Kings and monarchs were usually engaged into !

Mr.Kejriwal's unexpected entry into Indian democracy might fulfill the dream of a REINVENTED DEMOCRACY for the country, as well as for world over. The reinvented democracy can well alter the lives of people for better, as it was the scramble for power by the professional class of politicians the chief cause of all the ills of the world, like inequality of income and status, poverty, crime, and even war and conflicts. Instead of man's collective wisdom and reason running the state, it was the straight scramble for power that ruled the democratic exercise in the world for long. Now Mr.Kejriwal and his men, a group who are straight from the class of common man, can alter the history of democratic practice in the world.

His recent win in the Delhi Assembly election ( Feb,2015) with 95% majority ( won 67 out of the total 70 seats !) could give game-changing  precedents to Democratic-system of the entire world ! Every country in the wold could attempt to oust professional Political class from the realm of democracy, and induct real citizens, representing ordinary men into this important sphere.

What factors of  Kejriwal team could achieve the above task ?

1) The plank under which they entered the public realm, ie. agitation against governmental corruption.They did not enter politics as usual, claiming to represent any economic, social, cultural or caste group,but it was representing the entire mass of people who have been suffering from their deprivation of dignity and voice. What they were under was a sham democracy, wherein people's name was used only for symbolic purpose; as an empty slogan on it flags !   

2) The background of men: Every elected representative is straight from  ordinary families, not at all different in any sense from the voice deprived great mass of people.

3) Their well declared governance priorities: Mr. Kejriwal made it clear that the chief priority of his team would be to alter the old style of governance; ie. the elected representatives getting secluded as a special class of elites, living in palatial bungalows, going around under escort of fire-weapons trotting security guards, and travelling in red-beacon fitted cars. He reiterates his plan to consult people directly in all  major administrative and policy issues. He has already invited honest and whistle blower type bureaucrats in the office to come forward and assist him in clean governance. There need not be any doubt about ordinary man's accessibility to the governmental facilities and offices, and for letting their voice heard at needy times. 

4) What he represents is the frustration and deprivation of one billion people of the country, who have been suffering from the ills of a falsely declared form of PEOPLES GOVERNMENT, where they had no voice, role or identity, except as voting commodity to sustain the rotten system. Mainstream media always gave the general impression that what they had was the genuine model , and the deprivations and ignominy was its usual feature. 

5)  The entire Delhi seems aware of the great opportunity to have a changed system: With the typical POLITICS ridden methods of traditional political parties, it is impossible to escape from their compulsions of vote-bank, commitment to Election-Funders, and the inter-party hierarchical tussles. Here, Mr.Kejriwal is free-from all the above compulsions, so he represents simply the anguish and pain of every citizen to have a RULE by men like him, or by a class of people that resembles his class !

The important tasks before him  

1) Being politics the most gigantic economic entrepreneurship that one man, or a group can think of, by way of its vast opportunity to control the entire wealth of  the country, its attraction is hugely dangerous ! Therefore, the ones who were traditionally in power for many decades and their various cartels will not sit resigned and idle, waiting  for Kejriwal to set different rules of the game . These dark forces will definitely attempt to disturb the atmosphere in the typical dirty political way. Every Indian is now aware of the  intentionally created communal tension, and other usual techniques these forces are well trained to unleash in society, to re-capture political power. Mr.Kejriwal must keep his eyes open towards these threats. He must get hold of honest men in the security departments of government also in his fold, and thwart these dangers. 

2) Along with the VIP culture of the political class, similar culture and attitude of  the industry and business class also should fall under Mr.Kejriwal' priority. Business is done in the country to expand one's personal space. Once a few men expand  their own personal space, the space left for majority other men naturally gets shrunk. This is the plain explanation for income and status inequality in the country. Hence, a very clear industry and business policy must be introduced wherein there should be restrictions at profit margins, and profit volumes. Kindly share our specific philosophic suggestions from blog link:

 Similarly, there could be a capping on the 'salary-difference' between the lowest paid and the highest paid in the country. This huge difference of salary and wages is what creates huge income,living standard and social dignity levels of citizens.

When the rich becomes more rich, naturally the space for millions of other men get shrunk,and they get thrown out of the mainstream of life. This becomes a social calamity, and it is what gets resulted in criminality, frustrations, stress and mental diseases.   

Like the example of Delhi Metro, where every citizen was accorded with quality service without class differentiation, every other product and service in the country like Hotels, cars, housing, apparel and foot-wear, household appliances, medical treatment etc could also go the Delhi Metro way, by legally restricting a product or service going beyond a certain luxury level. The millions spent on this account of excess luxury could  thus be saved, and used for ensuring standard facilities for every citizens in an equitable manner. It should be taught in schools and colleges that whenever one aspires for more than what the other person has, it creates social tension. This common sense law of nature must be made part of our collective culture and tradition, so that our future generation will not suffer. 

3) Lessons of Democracy must be part of school and college syllabus, so that it gets free from the threshold of professional political class. If needed, every citizen in the country should be a trained administrator of collective affairs of community. Our blogs: explains this strategy, so that we achieve a politics free democracy in future ! 

4) Media is the most game changing agent in every political or social change enterprise. Its leaders must be invited for serious discussion on their role in nation making. They must be de-addicted from the role they were engaged in so far, with 'paid-news' like evils. They must be reminded of their vital role in bringing in the changes listed above, for nation's as well as for humanity's sake. The very syllabus of Journalism course should be revised so that the future journalists can come out as true representatives of human reason, wisdom and common sense, instead of  civilization damaging, ' news reporting' machines. News reporting agenda transforms the world into a 'news-dungeon', where journalists land in like vultures to devour news, and nothing else. They shun themselves from any social or civilization-oriented responsibility !

Aam Aadmi Party's ( Meaning 'Common man's party'-AAP) entry into Indian Democracy could be a true game changer for world democratic practice. 

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