Monday, May 18, 2015

Kejriwal must project this fight to expose the evil of the highly politicized democracy

There is no escape for Kejriwal but to face this on-going fight with the BJP ruled central govt, and their agent, Hon. Lt.Governor.

But, better he always remember that, his chief goal behind entering politics was, besides ending corruption, to put-an end to the existing style of political practice, which is 100% politics and 0% governance !

Where is time and strategy for country governance when the entire term of 5 years is spent on saving one's ground from the tricks of opposition parties ?  The one and only mission and vision of every political-party when in opposition is, to create causes and events to topple the ruling-side !

Enough is enough with our excessive permeation of politics into every sphere of human-life ! It is time for citizens'-class to open their eyes towards the sheer waste of time, energy and even country's history on such empty political drama !

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