Monday, May 11, 2015

The attitude of other political parties and media towards AAP is pure contempt towards peoples' class !

Mainstream is abuzz with news against Aam Admi party,( AAP) sometimes unleashed by media, and at other times by other major political parties. While media can always escape from the guilt of their prejudiced reporting on the pretext of just 'reporting' what happens in the world, by smartly concealing the naked fact that, the source of such reports are carefully chosen by the 'objective' media-men to project a particular picture of their interest, whether it about  socio-political trends and generalization, persons or events. If they wanted to crate a different picture, or a different generalization about world, people or event, they were at complete creative liberty to search out such source of news and stories, and achieve their goal at will ! This is the real media freedom  and power to create or destroy the world, people or any peoples' institution or initiative ! But they always cover themselves under the veil of 'objectivity', keeping it to themselves that such 'objectivity' is in fact purely a user defined quality.

Media, accustomed to dealing with seasoned and traditional political leaders and parties, suffer from a sense of contempt and disdain towards the new entrants into the field, that too from the club of ordinary citizens in the street ! Whether media deny it or not, it is one of the chief reasons behind media's contempt towards AAP, though their having been 'engaged' by interested political and other players also can not be ruled-out, as alleged by Arvind Kejriwal !

It is a day light fact that, media has real power to make or break individual citizens, political or corporate entities, institutions and initiatives in modern world, by the simple method of talking positively or negatively, but repeatedly  in the market place of information. Here, media's role is like that of a large black board, or a digital news board fitted above the world; whatever media inscribe there every minute, every day 24x7  would be what defines and color that of men, institutions, initiatives and events in the world.

If this power of media was an unreal myth, it wouldn't have turned a magnet for billions of dollar business from the manufacturing and service industry, who pump their infinite number of products and services into the market, exclusively through the media sources. ( Please share our blogs that delve deeply into media role, at links:  

Attitude of other political parties towards AAP 

Besides the above described plain contempt towards the party of ordinary citizens in the street, established political parties also suffer from a real sense of 'threat' of sharing their habitat by a stranger, ie. the fear of their resources getting shared with the new entrant. It is similar to the hostility of a pack of stray-dogs in any particular street-corner, towards a new stray who attempts to enter the territory ! The threat of sharing the limited food and other resources is the 'survival' related, natural hostility towards the new entrant !

Here AAP, who has come to the arena to alter the the very archaic, above described features of modern political practice, should take all the care NOT to fall into the same mold of routine political institution, like what others are engaged in, ignoring people, country and mankind. The institutional and hierarchic compulsions and priorities of modern-day Politics is what damage the very fabric of  democracy, and destroys its very goal, values and meaning.

AAP must overwhelmingly come-out verbally and institutionally to address the very purpose for which they have entered Indian political scene, ie, to alter its very features and characters.

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